“All Natural” Ingredients

I find this advertising statement rather amusing. It frequents many human and pet food packages. Mercury, strychnine, and feces are all natural yet I do not want my cats to eat any of them. Don’t be fooled by advertising and pretty photos on the packages of cat food. Often these statements and photos are not legally considered “false advertising” however, they are frequently misleading and misrepresent the food and ingredients in that bag or can.

Skip the hype and read the ingredient panel and nutrient profile. Then contact the company or visit their website for more specific and accurate information. The best way to shop for cat food is online. You can take your time to review the products and crunch some numbers. It can be overwhelming to stand in the middle of the cat food aisle at your local pet store trying to read and digest the information on the usually hard to read labels. And it is nearly impossible to compare brands without doing some conversions to dry matter.

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